About Me

Sup sinners, Taylor Averill here. I'm a 8x professional volleyball player for team USA and currently playing in the plus-liga in Olsztyn, Poland. I'm a World Cup bronze medalist and 2020 Champion and MVP of the French League. While my career continues, I've decided to create a space to empower and challenge the volleyball community. To take over a decades worth of experience and share information I wish I would have had at a younger age. I started this for a younger me. All the mistakes I've made, all the lessons I've learned, all the success I've had. I'm sharing it. I want to help guide and shape the next generation.


Here's what I've learned in my 8 years as a pro. Your coach, your team, your practice environment is a bit out of your control. The sad reality is, most coaches do the same drills, the same way, ALL THE TIME. The people have made it clear to me that they want more. That's why  I've created a space to learn and grow regardless of your current circumstances. Regardless of your coach or practice environment. My goal is to teach you how to succeed from anywhere, all the time. Teaching you how to create your own successful environment.  No more, "can't jump high enough" "I'm not tall enough", "I don't have access to a gym." A world without excuses. That's my goal. To be clear, I'm not looking to tell you which route is the best. My goal is merely to guide you, to show you what's out there. To share with you what I've learned and how to become more intentional, physically, mentally, and philosophically. But at the end of the day the choice is always yours.